Monday, 11 February 2013

Renault Captur SUV officially revealed

Heres the renault captur. its clio-size, and appearance as a crossover, however doesnt truly supply four-wheel-drive. renault is hoping - not while not sensible proof - that almost all buyers in this type of car dont wish 4wd anyway. they will barely wish the appearance and therefore the high-up vantage purpose.

all of the sudden, after the nissan jukes sales took even nissan by surprise, the worlds in danger of clogging up with cars like this. youll have seen the peugeot 2008 today already. soon on sale will be the vauxhall mokka and chevy trax, and, next year, fords ecosport. you obtain the picture.

the captur truly replaces the modus in renaults line-up. the modus was a roomy and useful car, however hardly anyone bought those very little mpvs. too ugly, and too shut in price out to the rather more useful mid-size mpvs. however currently being a legacy due to modus, the captur will have additional area than youd expect. plenty additional when compared to a juke, frinstance.

each exterior panel differenciates due to new clio, however the platform and mechanical entrails are shared. this means that a very good series of little diesel and turbo ptrol engines, with emissions as low as 96g/km. by the very same token, if it doesnt handle and ride sweetly then thatd be a stunning renault screw-up.

the nose carries the new renault family look, and therefore the swollen wings and curved sills quantity to the fine-looking set of surfaces. the choice of the two-tone roof colour tops it off nicely ( see what it is that we did there ? ).

within, the dash is additionally fairly clio-ish, with renaults r-link app-capable entertainment/nav screen.
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